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Alzheimer's, Auto-Immune, Heavy Metals Within Removed Naturally

Here's Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" with more details. After this keep going in pursuit of herbal knowledge as well as the fungi kingdom. We have lost many practitioners in the "holistic" family. This is being also "fact checked" by the adversary, do your own d.d. on this story as well. We are censored and we count on you to help us spread the correct information that comes from FREE thinking. We have found a litany of reasons Horsetail has been beneficial for many areas of health concern. Research all you can about this and many other herbs we hope to showcase here eventually. Horsetail imaged top left. If you go to Wiki you will find utter falseness and the ridiculousness of being told what to believe in any area warrants our full attention. However, if you do your own due diligence before the information is no longer available hopefully you will be overwhelmed with knowledge that's been within us and around us all along. For this ~* physical=human, spiritual=being *~ The Creator made provisions for us and what we face as humanity during these perilous times.



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