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Tale Of Two President's Prophecy! UPDATE!

Updated: Feb 6

Update 2.3.21: Trey Smith from God In A NutShell also showcased by Tapestry of Truth Networks uploaded this video today regarding Kim Clement "Two President's Prophecy", I am also witness as are these souls below.

Another update today 1.28.21 here is a post from FB with two more witnesses to this prophecy possibility. None of us know each other. The common denominators are Abba Father and Kim Clement.

As of today 1.20.21 the perception of two Presidents has begun.

Get ready for the perception of two Presidents of The United States as a possibility.

Massive Cognitive Dissidence triggering MK Ultra pre-programming mechanisms split a society controlled by frequencies and flicker rates.

Proven prophet Kim Clement's daughter has released a Two President Prophecy, in addition to many others about the "Deep State" corruption and coup attempt.

All these possibilities line up with my Near Death Experience hence the reason I reports on these things.

It is plausible given the evidence and could very well be the case, even if it's only for a few days, or perhaps months.

The Creator is in control and He knows the outcome. Prayer is vital now. Join his family at House of Destiny sharing her Father Kim Clement.

Links from there will connect you to their website and other resources of prophecy.

Ingersoll Lockwood's story about The Last President shares events very similar to what is happening now. One of the characters is named Pence.

This gentleman might have something to do with it. But what do I know?

More will be revealed. The Creator is keeping us all in suspense.

Prayer changes things. II Chronicles 7:14 reminds us.

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