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Spirituality, Religion and Crypto Is It Divine To Enter “The Crypto Space”?

Updated: 5 days ago

Understandably there is a very large majority of money held by all those who understand we are living Revelation to John, The End of All Things, The Days of Noah, Apocalypse, all cultures have teaching and understand this is the end of the age. Even mainstream tout us entering at this very moment “The Age of Aquarius”.

The scriptures speaks of people having landed in a fallen realm and from here whether you believe you are to learn how to become “I am”, God, or Higher Divine Consciousness or if you believe there is a Higher Power and you’re not it this information may be for you.

With much prayer and meditation it was only recently I myself entered the “Crypto Space”. I’ve approached this as I’ve done all things since my near death experience. To research what I was shown and understood. The Truth has ALWAYS surfaced through physical evidence regardless if the powers that be continue to create wars to destroy it.

We are already in a fallen world be it Enki and Enlil recreating DNA to get their desired slaves or if indeed we are beings created by and with The Breath of The Divine within us we ARE operating within “the beast” system. Christ shared we are to render to Caesar what is Caesars. It is no different today. And, we were told ahead of time!

Until one has to make an eternal decision, for instance, you cannot have access to your funds (be them crypto, cash, or gold) unless you comply in a way that is contrary to your belief system this is the system that has been put in place. We have the bonus blessing of having been told about the “cashless” society in a book that is thousands of years old. Revelation clearly outlines all we are living. Other writings as well but with the specificity of “cashless” The Creator shared this information for such a time as this.

Crypto is gaining for those in The Kingdom while the dollar and other currencies fall like the rocks they are. Abba allows us to gain funds no matter how little you have to start. There are massive amounts of offers and I will share some with you for FREE crypto. Some are totally free as on CoinBase I recommend for beginners despite a higher fee than other places and others require a deposit of some sort or participation. We’ll get to those in future posts. Abba willing! Strong discernment is warranted at all times.

Below is a link to BitCoin LifeStyles Club Master Class, where a very intelligent Caleb explains Crypto from beginner to expert trading. Great club and community with opportunities for all skill levels.

Bathe all these decisions in prayer and meditation. I came to my peace as Abba helped me see it’s ALL seed. Crypto is as clean or as dirty as money all depending on heart, and intention. Our intention is to continue to prep for those sent to us at the time. It’s up to each heart.

With that below are links to special offers and the route I’ve taken to educate myself in “The Crypto Space” over the last 5 years. I am not a financial adviser, I am like you learning life as I go. Burying ones talents is not something I am willing to do. The dollar loses money in the bank. So at least Abba has provided a way for us to increase His blessings so we can bless others with our talents.

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