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On Our Heart ~*~ One More Last Time

I'm not certain one would call this a blog as I'm not certain how they work. What this will be is a place whether in the wee of the morning hours posting stories The Creator has led us to or how this will work. It perhaps would be considered more journal style. Whatever one may choose to label what is written here my prayer is that Truth and Inspiration will dwell here and we can all get home safe and sound. Where ever that is for you.

There may be rapid fire posts on crucial current event topics and there are a bevy of those. Or it may just be anything at all Abba may lead us to share. We love you and keep you always in our prayers.

So check back often. We'd like to get the premium version as it will unlock many features here we may be able to use to all our advantages. It would be nice if they did not require a whole year paid in advance but it is what it is and our Infinite Creator will make all Divine. Blessings to you and yours there is still Hope here, let us share The Creators Love and Truth uniting our family together one more last time.

You are us. #TruthTopics #AlwaysAwake #TGSSource



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