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Not My America! Not My #Veteran Family's U.S.A. $500 A DAY?

Updated: May 6, 2019

Here is a link to the State Department page. On just a cursory glance I picked up Per Diem rates our employees are allowed (it differs per country of travel) to spend a day! Travel to #Israel affords $500 a day in some cases? This can't be true! Can it?

Life isn't easy for anyone especially now with the #Elites running the #Sheeple (I really don't care for that word) using this term because the situation is so dire.

There is proven evidence and the longer we lag the further from us The Truth will get as they are erasing the internet what was good in it at a rapid clip.

The control of our lives is not our own. We have not only given it away but paid them in fact to keep us mis-informed, dis-informed slaves. They separated us with everything from religion, football, different political parties to make it appear as though we had choice.

Why? I hear that a lot. Let's examine why?

For myself when I was distracted by all the shiny new cool things, like Pong I bit along with everyone else. Until too many drugs and rock and roll landed me awake in death. After a coma I did return albeit kicking and screaming with a lot of new information and the sight of my family.

We will keep going to work and apparently since human DNA is in everything at this point even our air, you tell me why. As always do your own due diligence (research). It is handy to pray before hand. Then however we MUST take time to listen.

Mediation is simply the "listening" part. Be still and listen. Another good reason to keep us saddled to the system, enamored with t.v., fashion, fame, riches. We don't hear so well when our head is full keeping up with the neighbors. I did it to.

George HW Bush was accurate here for certain. Hurry and find out why he would admit such a thing.

As if there isn't enough appalling Truths coming forward daily. Please research this. We have a lot to do in other areas. Thank you as always for your love. .

Prayer changes things. II Chronicles 7:14. Our Creator LOVES us and I have news. When I died. EVERY nation, kindred, and tongue was represented there.

Except... Anyone in religion believing in that religion. Nope. Any "Fraternal" organizations, cults, Freemasons, etc. Make your own list. Nope! Certainly none in the lower energies whatever this means in an individual.

The Pope and the Imam, The document is for MEN. Peace, peace. We are here. Pay attention.

Document on Human Fraternity for world peace and living together: Full text!

Only Love is there so if you're divided against your neighbor regardless of why you were programmed to do so, you may want to hit your knees and pray for the other person.

Those are being hosted in a very negative place for eternity.

We've put up some images we've taken to hopefully raise much needed funds. Thank you for sharing Hope.



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