Near Death Experience Documenting It With You

Join me during this part of our Earth adventures in these hours of decision and awakening. I begin the process of being a vessel of remembering what I am here to share with humanity about our Divine Purpose.

The Lead In

“As I heard the wailing screaming sirens pass by on the highway my heart dropped my stomach rolled over upon itself and as I rushed to the bathroom with the unmistakable urge to throw up visions of my beautiful daughter raced through my mind. I wretched sweating convulsing seeing endless flashes of my sweet girl smiling, crying, screaming, running she’d not been home in days. The tingling blackness overtook me. Life as I knew it was over.”

This is a brief paraphrase, an excerpt from a short story my mother wrote approximately 30 years ago. It was the night I died and she was right, life as I knew it was over as well.


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