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Clones Are Us

Updated: Jan 25

These images pretty much say it all. However if you need a little more chicken, bovine, fetal DNA news, then maybe a gander at Chad0x-1 Recombinant (use discernment as the internet is run by these very groups).

DNA is changed and manipulated at the will of those in power. Has been since the times of Enki.

What You Need To Know About THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI And THE ANUNNAKI Here's Woodward TV

De-Classified recently the "Immortality Gene". Yes it exists, and guess #WHO they've been doing with it... no it's not a movie. Although they used those for disclosure and to preprogram the masses.

And it continues, until The Creator removes the veil from our eyes. Until we stop being distracted by the "red dress" symbolism for distraction via Simulacra & Simulacra, this is text The Matrix was born out of.

#UNAgenda21 much?



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