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Baron Von Trump & Faithful Bulger ~*~ Troomp Time Travel The Rabbit Hole Prophetic Fairy Tales?

Regardless of how someone may feel about the current President of The United States there are some very intriguing connections to a similar family as foretold in a series of books by Ingorsoll Lockwood

an American lawyer and writer. As a writer, he is particularly known today for his Baron Trump children's novels. However, he wrote other children's novels, as well as the dystopian novel, 1900: or; The Last President, a play, and several non-fiction works.More at Wikipedia if you trust this source. If not your own d.d. is important now more than ever as masses of information are disappearing from the internet at rocketspeed.

Born:02, 1841, Ossining, New York Died:30, 1918, Saratoga Springs, New York Occupation:lawyer, writer



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