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Bail Bonds for Biden's? Not Likely Given Gallows In The Square

Are you an eternal optimist? See the glass half full? Have faith of MORE than a mustard seed? PollyAnna, who drank the koolaid laced with lavender hopium? Do you believe good will triumph over evil, darkness will be brought to light? If so, you're not alone.

If the good guys are going to expose absolute evil incarnate then they'd need to really dig deep. Here's some of what is beginning to surface.

Imagine the biggest "Sting" ever. Complete with rounding up dirty dealing politicians, murderers, blood curdling baby stealers in the town square DC in front of all those damaged in the most Machiavellian of matters and hanging them. Could you imagine if this "impression" I've had is correct? I'm speechless to share it.

That being said, here is the released information on how, what where, and who of the Biden crime organization.

The Bolshevik's had a similar occurrence with a psy-op performed within the culture. It was to gain "Trust". The old shell game. The would be effective if indeed as some believe the bad guys are in control and both wings belong to the same corrupt bird. See @SGTReport

We are living my NDE, and I myself know Love Is The Only Truth therefore, this illusion will dissolve when we all find It within. We can collectively shift this consciousness, the beginning is written.

Millions of dedicated sacrificed to see a day where evil will be exposed and The Creator may be doing just that.

We have indeed sacrificed however Christ did it all. All nations kindreds and tongues are represented in eternity.

Revelation was written for this generation, and ties all humanity together.

It is not losing ones self to know The One within. "BE" at peace, and see your perfect outcome to shift consciousness with The Creator. Join us in holding all humanity in Love.

This document is compiled from a myriad of sources, none have I checked. Do your due diligence.

Download PDF • 3.78MB

For those of you who would love to believe there is a cleanup occurring this video here #SilentRunning

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