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Alaskans, #WEDONOTCONSENT #TruthWall Network 

Be Heard, Be ProActive

Silence is called passive consent in contract law.  This is how they've gotten things done this long #WeDoNotConsent

Share on social media wherever you can, call, write, be heard your local, state employees work for you.  There is money, they all get salaries.  No PFD, no salary.  Simple.

Dunleavy for Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy What part of

permanent is not understandable? 


You sir have your work cut out for you.  Tell our employees in Alaska State Government serving us and you that they will not receive their paychecks until The PFD is returned to the people.  Or we're gonna stop paying you! 

 You sir must act because our networks are coming for local legislators and we have filed NOL (Notice of Liability) MASS ACTION Suits regarding #5G, #SmartMeters #Vaccines and we can easily add this to the suits ongoing.  #WeThePeople will start charging the employees in government back for damages.  So please do what you said, make them under you understand. 

We're finished with paying for government corruption, we will see resignations soon.  At the very least the others who can be prosecuted will be prosecuted.  So stand tall like you said.  #WeDoNotConsent

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1. Alaskans For PFD Restoration & Retroactive Payments PERMANENT means just that!


2.Movement To Have All Politicians To Be Volunteer or At Income Level of The Least Paid Alaskan

3. Combine All Three In One Communication.  H.R. 336 National takes away Freedom of Speech, send this to state officials!

Alaskans use this form we've used and everywhere you see
Defeat H.R. 336 replace it with one of the 2 titles above
A step by step action plan for combating corrupt government.  Take your power back.  We also need you to mention the H.R. 336 as it directly effects us all.


The original bill is here: (FREEDOMS)

Alaskan Government here: They cannot afford to honor PFD but they can get their salaries?  Only if you keep allowing it by not speaking up!

House Bill 39

Walkers Bill before he left office
Senate Bill 103 where SB 26 left off last year!

ACTION ITEM - Write & Call Your Governor & Representatives


Start by clicking the link to Find Your Representative.


Enter your zip code.


If you already know your representative, click on the link to their page. 

If you are unsure, enter your street address to identify the right representative.

Next, click on your representative's web site or the link to email them if available.

If you are asked for your Zip+4 zip code but don't know it, go to:

Choose the option to "Find ZIP Code and ZIP+4 of an Address".  Then go back and complete the form to find your representative.

Fill out your representative's email contact form. 


You are welcome to write your own message to your representative. Make sure to remain polite but firm and direct.  Express clearly what you want from your representative - which is for them to vote AGAINST the bill.  Make sure to include the bill number and its title: H.R. 336 Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019.


If you prefer, you can copy/paste the text below:


Dear Representative (aka Employee),

I am writing to ask you to vote AGAINST a bill when it comes to the floor: H.R. 336 Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019.

Our Founding Fathers warned us against forming entangling alliances with foreign countries because such alliances end up dragging America into wars and conflicts that are not in our own interests. HR 336 further entrenches America in the business of Israel's geopolitical conflicts and guarantees that all of Israel's enemies, including terrorist groups, will perceive justification to attack Americans. HR 336 makes Americans less safe.

As you know, America is in deep financial trouble and is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  On the other hand, the state of Israel is one of the top nations in the world to consistently run budget surpluses.  It makes no financial sense for hard working American citizens to be forced to send billions of dollars a year to Israel to support their military - especially when the entire world is united in acknowledgement and condemnation of Israel's brutal repression of the native Palestinian population.

Perhaps most importantly, HR 336 is an assault on the most basic, fundamental liberty enjoyed by Americans: freedom of speech.  The US Supreme Court has ruled that how we choose to use our money is an exercise of our free speech rights.  HR 336 encourages states to punish citizens for nothing more than the free exercise of speech related to their civic and moral convictions.

This bill is unconstitutional because it encourages states and local governments to enact laws that punish individuals and companies for exercising their right to engage in boycotts by denying them the jobs and opportunities to procure government contracts. Congress CANNOT encourage state and local governments to enact unconstitutional laws, yet that is exactly what HR 336 does.  American citizens may not be denied government contracts over their choice to engage in boycotts.  Laws of the kind being encouraged by HR 336 have repeatedly been deemed unconstitutional.

Three federal district judges have confirmed that such laws violate freedom of speech.  In January of 2018, US District Judge Daniel Crabtree wrote in his decision: “The Kansas Law’s legislative history reveals that its goal is to undermine the message of those participating in a boycott of Israel. This is either viewpoint discrimination against the opinion that Israel mistreats Palestinians or subject matter discrimination on the topic of Israel. Both are impermissible goals under the First Amendment.”  And, in September of 2018, US District Judge Diane Humetewa wrote in her decision: “A restriction of one’s ability to participate in collective calls to oppose Israel unquestionably burdens the protected expression of companies wishing to engage in such a boycott.”

And, on April 26, 2019, Judge Robert L. Pitman of the Western District of Texas also ruled that anti-BDS state laws are unconstitutional. Judge Pitman wrote that the Texas law was intended to “suppress unpopular ideas” and “manipulate the public debate through coercion”, which he ruled is a violation of freedom of speech.

It is my right - and yours - to express our displeasure with the illegal or immoral actions of other parties by refusing to do business with them.  I'm not sure how you, or any other legislator, can stand by HR 336 when the right to boycott is as fundamentally American as can be. 

Throughout the 1760s, in response to heavy-handed and unjust actions by the British Parliament (OUR government at that time), the American colonists engaged in a decade-long series of economic boycotts of British goods.  These boycotts culminated in the famous Boston Tea Party.  And yet, the Congress of 2019 has replaced the British Parliament as the body seeking to crush the freedom of Americans to boycott.  Just as the British politicians of the 1760s felt they were justified in taking away the rights of Americans to boycott in response to an oppressive government, I'm sure that the American politicians of 2019 have their justifications.  But tyranny is tyranny.  The efforts by the British to prohibit Americans from boycotting were wrong then, as HR 336 is wrong now.

Boycotts continued to be utilized throughout American history to promote justice.  There were boycotts of cotton to protest slavery.  There were boycotts of public transportation to protest segregation.  Boycotts of South African products helped to end apartheid.  Today, many Americans support the Boycott, Divest & Sanction movement (BDS) as a protest against unjust treatment of the Palestinian people. In 2005 alone, more than 170 organizations called for boycotts of Israel - including notable Jewish-American groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace and the Israeli group Boycott from Within.  There have been more than 250 BDS victories in America already, as cataloged by the USCPR, which demonstrates widespread American support for the BDS movement.

I'm asking you to stand against this encroachment upon our freedom of speech.  I recognize that the Israeli lobby is powerful and it isn't easy to stand up to them when so many of your colleagues are under their control.  But you were not elected to defend Israel.  You were elected to defend the US Constitution - which protects my rights from the tyranny of a popular majority.  I respectfully call on you to oppose HR 336 with all your influence. You must choose whether you will play the role of a British tyrant trying to crush the rights of Americans - or if you will play the role of a Patriot who defends freedom of speech, including the right to boycott without government recrimination.  Should you choose to support HR 336, your support for this anti-American bill will not be forgotten when you next face a primary challenger. 

Thank-you for your attention to this matter.


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